Instagram Marketing Guide

Effective Ways To Market Your Business Using Instagram


All over the world, millions of people are using Instagram for personal and business use. Instagram is a social networking platform that allows an individual to share pictures with friends and connections. Instagram is a hit when it comes to sharing with personal connections as well as an effective way to market a business. It is a great online tool that can be used to promote your company online. Here are some ways how Instagram is used to build brand awareness.


Storytelling through photos and videos


Instagram is a platform that focuses more on pictures which is clearly very useful in marketing goods or services at Posting pictures of your product is one of the best ways of creating and increasing brand visibility and awareness. If you want to boost awareness and increase sales, constantly posting pictures of your products will remind customers again and again about your brand. Remember to highlight the main functions and features of the products you want to promote. The photos you post need not be very professional, but they need to appeal to a wide audience online. You can also utilize videos to promote your product via Instagram such as a video of a product review. Make it seem like you are telling a story to your customers, and remember to make it a very interesting one.


Connect with followers


It is vital that you remain in contact with your customers and you should be sincere in doing this. Many companies hire a social media consultant or expert to make sure that customers are always attended to and engaged in their Instagram account and other social media networks. As simple as replying to comments and questions will generate trust and appreciation from your customers which in turn can turn into loyalty and patronage. Remember that your Instagram followers also have connections and followers that can listen and become influenced through your conversations online. Learn more about Instagram at


Be consistently active


You have to be constantly visible and active on Instagram so that your followers on Instagram are always updated on your company's products, services and activities. Whether you have dedicated social media staff to do this or buy shoutouts for Instagram, doing so will keep your customers constantly updated and engaged. Try posting at different times of the day, too. Your followers should find your posts worthy of sharing as this can increase brand visibility and awareness, learn more here!